No-Till farming can bring your soil back to life and reduce your crop establishment costs!


evaluating your farm’s soil and suitability for No-Till cultivation, then develop, for you, a bespoke strategy for a successful adoption of this method.

No-Till will not only reduce your costs but will also, build your soil’s structure, increase your soil’s fertility and reduce your grass weed burden.

Giving you…

a recommendation for the best machinery based on your farms requirements and rotation, which means you will get the best and lowest cost system tailored to you and your farm. To enable ease of a decision we can prepare a cost calculation of your current system compared to a new system. Soil First Farming will be ‘on hand’ to help choose the best equipment and strategy for you. This may not mean new machinery but we can show you how your current machinery can be adapted and used to start you off on your No-Till adventure.


to a ‘modern’ system you will see over time a reduction to your grass weed burden by utilising the three principles of Conservation Agriculture.

You must remember… Weed control is a numbers game – 98% control of 1,000 weeds per square metre leaves 20 weeds. 98% control of 100 leaves 2! Which would you rather have?

In summary No-Till farming can reduce;

  • Machinery Costs
  • Weed Burden
  • Compaction
  • Slugs