Introducing a new share farming partnership… Soil First Farm Management

Toby Baxter and Steve Townsend have joined forces to create the ultimate Conservation Agriculture Share Farming Partnership, Soil First Farm Management. Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience, both Toby and Steve bring very different skills to this team. The No-Till approach used by Toby and Steve is based on the principles of Conservation Agriculture.

Conservation Agriculture is about managing carbon in and on the soil surface and by putting carbon first in all soil management decisions.

After this, the following three principles are used for day to day management decisions;

  • Minimum soil disturbance

The partnership has access to modern tine and disc drill technology enabling the right machine to be used in the right situation when establishing crops with minimum soil disturbance.

  • Residue cover

Conservation Agriculture requires 60-100% soil cover to protect the soil and reduce soil erosion. Wherever possible crop residue is left on the surface of the soil and more residue is produced by growing cover crops.

  • Crop rotation

Rotation is used to help control weeds and crop volunteers plus bringing diversity to the soil biology, this also facilitates the maximum use of cover crops.

Please ring either Toby on 07711 454740 or Steve on 07989 402112 if you would like to discuss how this partnership can improve your costs and yields.